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★★★ Celly data manager ★★★

Professional, centralized data management simply and instantly without high expenses for workflows, logistics and communication

Instead of using emails, calendars, files of folders, spreadsheets or complex management systems at your company, leave those for outer processes and utilize our simple but powerful database solution for your inner communication and be much more efficient!

Extreme simplicity against efficiency problems at companies

Addressing the hard problem of easy data and document management with an optimal balance of feature vs usability

High control with the power of freedom with a better trade-off for generality

A new method building on old practices without having to learn anything providing the opportunity to develop further

Extra power to the management they didn't have before

A way out of their exponential growing complexity



The quick path between demand and effect:


Plug it in and get more efficient in your workflow!



We have carried out a research that has taken several years which might help in your data management and which we will gladly share with you.


It is easy to store data in any system. The question is how easy is it to search and analyse it?

The general purpose solutions are not specific enough: it is hard to analyse, filter and share data efficiently. The special purpose solutions are too complicated and not general enough and so they cannot be modified easily for new demands though our environment is ever changing.

Developing software in-house is time consuming and can be financially taxing.

You need something in the middle with which you get enough control and perspicuity along real simplicity and also you can define what you really need.

It is essential to simplify things. Simplification is essential so that you can handle your tasks easier and more efficiently.


Tables are one of the most readable and simple data forms in the industry that have been around for decades proving.

Some of the important features that we support for you: permissions, parallelism, centralization, easy data upload, easy search in file contents too and single click analysis. The best part is that you don't have to learn anything!

Easy to mine Mobile Data Backend with exclusive simplicity for your conveniences!

A so called event approach can provide maximum clarity for a company in many sectors while still being extremely simple. You can organize your data if you wish in a table with 4 columns: date, name of partner, description of event and attached files. What happened, when and to whom, all while having all the related files together. You can also search and filter for any column by entering a couple of letters.

You'll have full control at high efficiency. You'll be able to execute immediate decisions and reactions with this.


Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!

No introduction or learning. No install. No need to pay for expensive software development and no need to waste existing hardware or software. Just adopt it in your workflow and old-established problems get resolved.



How does it work in practice?

An example for salesmen following their projects:

You can create any tables with column types of date, text, number and files. For example:


What happened to which partner, when, plus attached files:


An example for a distributor of vegetables:

Creating another table:


You only need to choose a table when entering the data manager. No menus or icons to remember. We get away from irksome things.


Just fill the row and click plus button when uploading data. Just type some letters and hit enter when searching for data. No need to remember anything else.


The system searches inside the uploaded files with the search keywords, let it be a Word, Excel, PDF file or a scanned image!

You can sort it by column by clicking on the column name. You can always see the grand total beside the table name If there is numeric data in the table.

You can analyse the data either by clicking the graph button (visual representation), or the grand total number (numerical summary, click a column to chose which should be summarized). So you are a single click away from the answers.


You search for carrots, then click the partner column and then the grand total: so you can see who bought the largest quantity of carrots from you summed up in order.


You can view the data visually by clicking the graph button (by day, month and year). Currently you see the quantity of carrots that you ever sold based by year.


You can narrow down your search by searching in multiple columns. Which partner of yours bought the largest amount of cabbage in 2012?


Clicking the grand total:


What did a partner of yours buy the most amount after 2010 that was over 800 kg?


Clicking product name and then grand total:


What are your pepper sales looking like?


Search history function, so you don't have to remember what you searched and when. Implemented so that you are always a single click away to get back to your previous results:


Support the workflows yourself, in-house with simple modifiable data tables.

Extend your infrastructure with our data and document manager solution. Utilize this service instead of wasting precious time and money trying to have a custom system built.



>>> Click here to try it (Demo) <<<


What is this?

Easy to use, secure, online, centralized, general data and document manager service. Multiple users can access simultaneously the same or different data through a web interface.

The data is organized into simple, modifiable tables.


Most technologies are complex and tiresome and the changing demands of our environment often forces us to find easier and simpler ways to be more efficient in our workflow.

Simplicity brings more control and reliability. Advantages:
Some examples for usage:

Who can utilize it?

From individuals to huge organizations in many sectors can take advantage of this by not necessarily replacing any solutions in their infrastructures but by extending it as well.


How does it work?

As seen on the graphics below, the design is modular and flexible so the different parts of the system can be separated and hosted on different servers for scalability reasons and resource redeployment.

If you would like to host our solution yourself in-house at your company, feel free to contact us.

About the developer


What do you need?

A browser with internet connection. Ask for our callback with free advice.


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